What do you know about the future of the robotics? Well, we can not say anything for certain since technology is evolving at a fast pace in most areas, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. But, one thing is evident: Robots will have a terrific role in the lifespan of a common man too, and of course that they’ll be utilized in the industries also.

A research company made 10 predictions for robotics that we will talk about in this report. The list has some very interesting forecasts which might have a wonderful effect on the society and business.

Robots And The Future Operation

These days, surgeons are using robotics in their surgical operations. As a matter of fact, technological advancement in AI, navigation, computer vision, MEMS sensor and other technology is making the robots always better.

Moreover, robotics will accelerate the process of creation, hence disrupting and changing the paradigm of the future business operations. Additionally, robotics can sharpen the competitive advantage of a business by improving quality, and increasing productivity. Given below are a few predictions that can help you to get a glimpse of the future of robotics.

1. Growth of Robotics

In 2019, about 30 percent of the use of robotics in businesses are going to be in the kind of a RaaS version of business. This will help companies cut back on the price of robot deployment.

2. Robotics Officer

In 2019, about 30 percent of the most important associations of the world will use a chief robot officer to be able to make their businesses better.

3. Evolving Competition

In 2020, large organizations will have the ability to choose from various vendors with the entry of new players in the multi-billion dollar sector of communications and information to be able to boost the installation of robotics.

4. Talent Race

In 2020, the increase of robots will raise the talent race. Because of this, about 35 percent of the jobs associated with robotics will be empty and the average salary will go up by 60%.

5. Regulations

In 2019, the authorities will introduce new regulations associated with robots to be able to preserve jobs and solve privacy, safety and security issues.

6. Software-Defined Robots

In 2020, about 60 percent of those machines will rely on cloud-based programs so as to introduce new abilities, apps, and cognitive capacities. Because of this, the entire world will see a robotic market which will be cloud-based.

7. Collaborative Robots

In 2018, about 30 percent of these robots will be smart collaborative machines which will be 300% faster than the robots of today. Plus, they’ll be safely operating around humans.

8. Automating of Operations

Two years from now, around 35 percent of the large organizations, such as logistics, health, and utilities may use the robots with the aim of automating operations.

So, hopefully, this will provide you a fairly good idea of how the robotics will form the world in a couple of years from now.