14 Feb

Online stock photo sites offer a convenient source of high definition pictures, which may play a crucial role in the development of one’s design. It may also contribute content to be added to articles. People can take full advantage of this wide gallery of royalty-free stock photos.

Entrepreneurs, webmasters, and designers can edit and make publishes using these royalty-free stock photos without having to worry about breaking copyright infringement laws. In addition, anyone can distribute and utilize these images for financial gain because the licenses associated with them allow one to do so. Users of free stock photo websites have the permission to publish the pictures on their commerce platforms, social media platforms, blogs, and company websites.

By utilizing them, they save a considerable amount of cash that would have been spent on paid stock photos. Free pictures may be critical to anyone operating on a relatively tight budget. It, therefore, becomes much easier to use the available capital to finance other important business aspects, such as marketing campaigns. Here are websites containing such images.

1.     Picspree

Picspree offers access to a large collection of free stock photos. The online platform is composed of categories on architecture, wildlife, food, adventure, nature, and beautiful scenery. This eases the selection process, whereby one can simply search for the needed image in its appropriate category.

The website is known to provide both royalty-free and premium stock photos. This site has a simple navigation tool which allows the user to find suitable images before downloading them quickly. Its extensive gallery also happens to contain vectors, free images, and illustrations that can be used for both personal and financial gain. Designers, small businesses, and website owners should consider Picspree as a viable option for finding images.

2. StyledStock

It is a site that mainly deals in feminine stock imagery that can be used in a variety of projects. The pictures are often used on blog spots, social platforms, and other uses. Its users can task them for personal or commercial gain.

Female business owners should note that Style Stock is useful in projects that need to portray a feminine touch. Additionally, the available images can be used in marketing campaigns.

3.     Gratisography

Established by Ryan McGuire, Gratisography provides an excellent variety of images. As a renowned artist and designer, McGuire supplies the website with unique images that can be used in a variety of ways. The quality images provided on the website easily stand out from the crowd. The images can be used on different web design projects and online stores.

4.     Unsplash

Unsplash is a site providing an array of magnificent photos that can ideally be used by e-commerce merchants. The platform is constantly under renewal with a minimum of 10 new pictures every week. It is known to offer high definition royalty-free images. Users such as webmasters often take advantage of their gallery to optimize their content’s appeal.

5.     Freepik

On Freepik, users can find an extensive gallery of stock images, vectors, and illustrations from which to pick. Though the free pictures on the website require recognition of the author, you are still allowed to use them for commercial or personal projects. By providing subcategories that narrows the search more, the site eases its navigation.

6.     Pexels

Pexels is a stock photo platform that provides a variety of images found in several categories. It offers an advanced and easy to use search tool that enables one to navigate through Pexels with ease. Its users can find images on cityscapes, abstracts, and other pictures. Small enterprises can use this platform to their advantage by boosting their website’s reputation and as a marketing tool.

7.     Pixabay

Pixabay is a famous stock photo website that provides a wide array of options that can be vital in designing projects. The pictures are available for both personal and professional use. Users of the site can easily download from it without even having to register. Images can easily be searched for in their respective categories or by use of filters. Additionally, images can be used in either their portrait or landscape format.

8.     StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io is a website that offers access to a detailed gallery of pictures that will suit any designer, webmaster, and e-commerce merchant. The site is stocked with a variety of images that can be used for different web projects. Businesses that deal in apparels will find this platform ideal for their needs. The images can improve customer attraction and increase business sales.

9.     Reshot

Reshot shares stock photos that have been shot or captured by upcoming photographers, which gives them the opportunity to showcase their creativity. The collection of photos is carefully organized by trained personnel that ensure users find images easily. The site comprises of handpicked images the ideally suit entrepreneurs, freelancers, and designers. It thrives as a society tasked with developing a crowdsourced resource that can be used by individuals and businesses.

10.     Shopify Burst

Shopify Burst is a stock image website that is mainly used by e-commerce merchants. It is often considered one of the best platforms for obtaining free images. It was designed with an appropriate set-up search tool to enable its users to easily and quickly search for the right pictures.

In addition, it enables its users to find Business Ideas under a section that features categories that are compatible with the pictorial requirements of specific e-commerce stores.

In the end we went with Picspree for their vast collection and their easy to use website.