2011-2013 Production & Use Statistics (Oct 2014)

Ready Mix News: Fly Ash Forecast (May 2014)

US EPA affirms CCPs in concrete & wallboard present "significant opportunities to advance Sustainable Materials Management" (Feb., 2014)

Coal Combustion Products: A Global Perspective (World of Coal Ash 2013)  PowerPoint Presentation

Updated CCP Statistics Reveal Evolution of Coal Ash Industry in Canada  (World of Coal Ash 2013)
82 MPa at 28 Days: Queen's University Wins CIRCA Award 3rd Consecutive Year (Feb. 2014)
50 Years Old and Still Going Strong: Fly Ash puts paid to ASR, Jan 2012 Concrete International, with permission.

CIRCA supports the Canadian coal combustion products (CCP) Industry to increase the technically sound, environmentally responsible and commercially competitive use of CCPs as mineral resources.


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Recycling CCPs has a significant, positive impact on environmental sustainabilty through reduction of GHG emissions and reduced demand for energy and resources.  Management and use of Coal Ash enables improved sustainability of Canadian power, construction and manufacturing industries.

"Increasing Sustainable Use of Coal Combustion Products in Canada"

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